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Default Re: Dwyane Wade: Comeback season 2012/2013?

Originally Posted by AngelEyes
Nor did I say he wasn't still really damn good, which he is. All I said was that it's misguided to think rest and surgery will guarantee he returns to past form. I believe he needs to evolve as a player and I don't think he's done that.
Trust me we will never see 06-09(when he wasnt crippled or crying for his shoulder) Wade ever again, dont take my word, Wade himself said it the other night. To say his game hasnt evolved it pretty ridiculous though tbh. From 08-10 his midrange was on point, something relatively new that was seen only in the 06 playoff run and partialy in the 06-07 season. While it is true these last couple of years that part of his game has regressed, he now has a reliable post game which he can take advantage of and is really his most reliable ISO set imo in the halfcourt now(use to be top of the key).

Wade has had a huge working load off his shoulders since Lebron joined , I think this years injuries were more to it being a lockout season, like many other players. He started the season overweight which is when his knee started bothering him, and for his style of play that is definitely the worst shit he can do.

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