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Default Re: Dwyane Wade: Comeback season 2012/2013?

Originally Posted by Dwade305
I think to put it in short terms your paragraph was full of inconsistencies, 90% of it was your personal opinon on fortune telling, barely no facts and a couple of captain obvious lines like "He is no longer as athletic as before"..No shit . You have no new material posts like your have been made since 07, and yet Wade is still considered a top 10 player year in and year out., pretty good for an athletic, non jumpshooter who has regressed due to age and his every night injuries. Guess is the refs though that help him stay relevant?

Nor did I say he wasn't still really damn good, which he is. All I said was that it's misguided to think rest and surgery will guarantee he returns to past form. I believe he needs to evolve as a player and I don't think he's done that.
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