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Default Re: Vinny Del Negro not excellent but is a Good coach

No dude.. just no. Add a coach who actually knows how to run plays and they go from 4th best offense to 1st. Add a good coach like McMillian who knows defense and they aren't the 18th ranked defense. It seems like Clippers don't know how to play 48 minutes of defense. They always lockdown in 4th quarter but you can't rely on that. Can't let a team torch you in first 3 quarters and always be trying to fight back.

Vinny is a BIG problem due his inability to have the team prepared mentally in advance. Not to mention his rotations suck ass. The ONLY good about Vinny is his teams never quit. He always gets teams playing hard which is a big part of all the comebacks. A good coach would have the Clippers blowing more teams out and not having to come back from 15 down to begin with.
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