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Default Re: PickUp Game: Larry Bird VS Scottie Pippen

Originally Posted by barkleynash
Bulls fan, I acknowledge Pippen's ability to defend and count him as one of the best defenders in the history of the game, and he does have length.
I wonder why bird could just shoot over him then. Cause Bird was bigger, shot the ball from behind his head and Pippen couldn't block it. Even with Pip in his face it wouldn't bother bird. I'm just saying bird could get his shot off and make it!! Bird could rocker step Pippen with his shot and jab fake. If Pip played him too tight Bird would get by him, not blow by him but just get that little space and Pip would not be strong enough to force his way back in.

And yes, I have played much quicker guys than me, as I was considered an average athlete as a point guard, fortunately, for whatever reason the guys I checked never seemed to have both the great shooting and the quickness.
Pippen could shoot, but I would not consider him a great shooter and he was pretty inconsistent with his J in comparison to bird, who would get hot and hit6,7 ,8 shots in a row. Bird would sag off Scottie and make him shoot. If pip made jumpers then bird would obviously be in more trouble. But I'd like to see pip back bird down and score on him consistenly, he wasn't strong enough.
Bird on the other hand could back Pippen down if it came to that and take him on the block or with the fade.
Again, these are pros. Even more hofers, even more than that all-time great hofers. You can't just give a guy like pippen open space. He's gonna make it. Especially if birds gonna give him the jumpshot. And with pippens footspeed, bird would need to give a lot of ground.

And why would pippen negate his advantage by trying to back down bird? Makes no sense.
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