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Default Re: PickUp Game: Larry Bird VS Scottie Pippen

Originally Posted by Pushxx
Giving the edge to someone in 1v1 because they are more athletic is misguided. 1v1 comes down to ability to shoot, post, and drive. The more versatile, cutthroat, and consistent, the better iso player.

That basically defines Bird. Like I said before, he averaged 7 assists per game because help defenses had to come so often for Bird when he drove and posted up. Bird didn't get assists like LeBron by running the point at the top of the key.

There is no help defense in 1v1. Bird is gonna burn you.
One on one is a totally different animal from aa team game. And your trying take what bird was able to do in a team concept and inculcate it into 1v1 iso ball. These are pros were talking about, even more all-time great hofers. Its not as if pippen can't score. Bird has to play up on him too.

There's just no way bird can stay infront of pippen in a 1 on 1 setting.
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