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Default Re: PickUp Game: Larry Bird VS Scottie Pippen

Originally Posted by barkleynash
Bird shot over scottie pippen whenever he wanted. I know pippen was young, but he guarded bird for 4 or 5 years and did defend him as well as anybody did, but bird still got off his shot with relative ease. People don't know how tough it is to guard somebody that is such a deadly shooter. His threat of shooting was the best fake in basketball, just looking at the hoop guys were jumping out of their shorts. Pippen would be left out on an island in a game of one on one. The ball fake creates that little space and then bird never lets you recover. He was not called the master of the half inch for nothing.
I would have rather guarded someone that was quicker and was an average shooter or would prefer to drive, especially in one on one games. When you have to guard a shooter who can use quality jab and shot fakes like a bird, it is so tough. Bird could probably drain 4 or 5 in a row and then pippen would be totally lost.
Have you ever playes 1v1 against a guy that could dribble, jump out the gym and finish with authority?

What your saying only holds true in a team setting. Then, you not only have to worry about the man with the ball, but you must worry about his ability to pass or a man comming over to set a pick.

And what good is jabs and shot fakes? Due to pippens footspeed and equal length, why would he need to bite on a pump fake? And you obviously don't know what a jab is used for. Its used to get seperation in order to hit an open jumper. But you must respect the offensive players ability to drive. And don't forget pippens aarguably the greatest man defender ever. All pippen would need to do is get up on bird and make him drive.
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