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Default Re: Chris Bosh 'The Flash King Boshtrich' showed us his fury tonight!

Originally Posted by macmac
You seem to have no qualms with getting personal on an internet forum. Cmon man, it's basketball, no reason to attack the kid because he doesn't fulfill your boyish, wide eyed, idolizing notions of how a star athlete should look or act

did i attack his character, or persona? i said it doesn't fit a ball player's image.

it's not boyish, i'm not idolizing. have you ever played basketball? do you go out to the blacktops and play, do you goto open gym, do you play in any league? a ball player is a tough, confident individual. Bosh, again, a cool dude, but absolutely does not fit a ball player's image, and thus cannot and will not lead a team.

if you were hooping, and bosh was your captain, you'd be cool with that? uh huh. buddy isn't a leader and i'm amazed at how he got this far the way he carries himself. i owe him a highfive.
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