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Default Re: Chris Bosh 'The Flash King Boshtrich' showed us his fury tonight!

Originally Posted by Tha Catalyst
You have read between the lines. I just said he is a star, which he is. Don't over analyze a statement on an internet board. Bosh is a star, as is Monta Ellis, as is Rudy Gay, as are many others. I never said he would lead a team to a title, just that he is a star and doesn't get the respect a player of his caliber deserves. Have I made it simple and clear for you?

I'm not a troll, i can just talk basketball for days and often am quite literal.

i'll let this one slide..

however, if you're on a team with wade and lebron how much attention or touches do you expect to get? They're top scorers. Bosh is a scorer.

Change bosh for someone who offers something besides points, a Love's rebounds, or DJ's blocks, you know, anything besides scoring. That guy could be talked about with wade and james because he'd be performing his own role instead of hanging onto coat tails of the league's leading scorers.

the debate over bosh vs wade/james is just kiddy. it's not a debate, it is what it is(Can't compete with leagues best scorers when you aren't one of them and offer almost nothing else to the team), just inflated by the media to give us something to bullshit about.
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