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Default Re: Chris Bosh 'The Flash King Boshtrich' showed us his fury tonight!

Originally Posted by Kaspah
My argument is standing up for real men and ball players. Bosh is a cool dude, but he tarnishes the basketball player image. Then for you fools to get behind him and act like he's something he isn't, as a player and person in general, is simply ridiculous.

He could be more utilized on a not-so-stacked team such as the Heat, but that would dramatically reduce his chances of, the ultimate goal, winning a ring. That's the catch 22 you guys fail to see.
You have read between the lines. I just said he is a star, which he is. Don't over analyze a statement on an internet board. Bosh is a star, as is Monta Ellis, as is Rudy Gay, as are many others. I never said he would lead a team to a title, just that he is a star and doesn't get the respect a player of his caliber deserves. Have I made it simple and clear for you?
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