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Default Re: Chris Bosh 'The Flash King Boshtrich' showed us his fury tonight!

Originally Posted by jrong
MVP! (Strong competition from fellow big two member Mario Chalmers though). He beat the Hawks by himself among the big three when all three of them lost to the Hawks a few days ago, although that was Wade's fault.

But, this is why I've said Wade/Bosh/C/PG (in 2010 free agency) could've been just as good as the big three with LeBron. The absence of a third superstar, and a ball-commanding one at that, would not just change Wade's game but Bosh's game too.

(Of course all this is assuming that Wade can still play, which is an open question at this point....)

To be fair miami only came up 2 wins shy of the ring last year but i do understand your point.

Infact with the way wade is going, trading him for some pieces culd make them a better team. I think 3 stars doesnt work as well as 2 stars. But i still think they will win it all this year.

I remember lebron saying back in 2010 before the decision, when asked at the nba all star game, "what other star would u like to play with?" and he said CB. I think those 2 will do well together as a main combo the next few years
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