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Default Re: Post the dumbest things you've heard on ISH

Originally Posted by 32Dayz
Good for you, but most people wouldn't find it dumb.

I know many Laker fans that have told me they thought Gasol deserved the award and an even greater group who thought they should have given out CO-FMVP's to both Kobe and Gasol.

There is nothing dumb about giving the FMVP to the best player in the Finals and in 2010 that player was Gasol.

I mean
Better in 4/7 Games Overall.
Better in 3/4 Games Won.
Better in G6 and G7.
Single Handedly saving the Lakers from defeat in the Final 3 Minutes of G7.

But yea.. Gasol is just Euro Trash how dare we consider giving him the award. Go back to Spain loser!

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