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Default Re: Post the dumbest things you've heard on ISH

Gasol was equal to Kobe in overall Finals Production and he was better in 4/7 games.

He was better then Kobe in 3/4 games won and far "far" outproduced him in those same games.

He was far more impactful defensively and he was the teams defensive anchor.

His 0ffensive rebounding was one of the keys to LA winning the Boston series and his play in G7 directly won the series for LA, if not for his clutch play down the stretch of that game they would have lost period.

Why you think its the "dumbest thing you've ever heard" despite numerous sports casters and respected journalists saying Gasol had a legitimate case for the award is beyond me.

Stay Homer and keep pretending that Gasol in 2010 wasn't one of the best overall players in the league and without a doubt Top 3 at his position.

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