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Default Re: Paul Pierce is a top 5 Celtic all-time

Originally Posted by crosso√er
Parish, S.Jones, Cowens and so forth are irrelevant because those five players are sufficient enough to make my rebuttal. I honestly don't understand why people are infatuated with Pierce; he was off the map completely this past decade until 2008. An All-Star caliber player who didn't sniff the playoffs for half a decade it seems.

Now he has two future HOF'ers and people in this very thread; claiming he could end up being a top five Celtic, dethroning one of those legends? Those same legends that BUILT Celtic history, really?!
I'm not too young; people in this thread clearly are.

McHale had arguably the most effective low-post game in league history, at his peak. Go do some studying kid; you can't take me serious because you named a bunch of legends who were also great low post scorers as some sort of validity in discrediting my point?

McHale had some of the greatest low-post moves I have ever seen and he was a hell of a lot more efficient then Tim Duncan or Hakeem Olajuwon in the paint.

McHale=GOAT post moves.

Through him I learned every move needs a counter-move to confuse a defender or make him pause for a second.
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