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Default Re: Paul Pierce is a top 5 Celtic all-time

Originally Posted by Niquesports
I agree with most of your most. I would also include a forgotten for many Dvae Cowens. But its hard for me to take this post serious when you say Pierce is the most overrated player yoou have witnessed. YEt in the same post you say Kevin Mchale is the "Greatest low post scorer" in history. Was Kareem shooting jumpers. I don't recall Hakeem's midrange game as the reason many call him a TOp 5 C. There was another great Moses besides the one in the bible.You must be too young to have seen Elvin,Wilt and if thats the case you had to have seen Tim Duncan. Mchale is really a Jack Sikma that played on a Great team. That being said I still take him over PP.

Parish, S.Jones, Cowens and so forth are irrelevant because those five players are sufficient enough to make my rebuttal. I honestly don't understand why people are infatuated with Pierce; he was off the map completely this past decade until 2008. An All-Star caliber player who didn't sniff the playoffs for half a decade it seems.

Now he has two future HOF'ers and people in this very thread; claiming he could end up being a top five Celtic, dethroning one of those legends? Those same legends that BUILT Celtic history, really?!
I'm not too young; people in this thread clearly are.

McHale had arguably the most effective low-post game in league history, at his peak. Go do some studying kid; you can't take me serious because you named a bunch of legends who were also great low post scorers as some sort of validity in discrediting my point?

McHale had some of the greatest low-post moves I have ever seen and he was a hell of a lot more efficient then Tim Duncan or Hakeem Olajuwon in the paint.
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