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Default Re: Paul Pierce is a top 5 Celtic all-time

Originally Posted by crosso√er
McHale is easily better then Pierce; greatest low post scorer in league history should be ranked over a prototypical All-Star who won't leave any sort of legacy behind. The Messiah was known for a niche, his low post scoring and incredible foot work; how many players scored 27 PPG on over 60 FG%? Sure he doesn't have a similar longevity of Pierce, but his peek demolishes anything Pierce has ever done at his peak.

Russell, Bird, Hondo, Cousey and McHale are players that should and will be remembered as better Celtic players (in comparison to Pierce).

All of those players are in the top 50; you honestly think Pierce will one day be elected on that list? Please, most overrated player perhaps I have ever witnessed in my life.

Heck is he even better then Robert Parish?
I agree with most of your most. I would also include a forgotten for many Dvae Cowens. But its hard for me to take this post serious when you say Pierce is the most overrated player yoou have witnessed. YEt in the same post you say Kevin Mchale is the "Greatest low post scorer" in history. Was Kareem shooting jumpers. I don't recall Hakeem's midrange game as the reason many call him a TOp 5 C. There was another great Moses besides the one in the bible.You must be too young to have seen Elvin,Wilt and if thats the case you had to have seen Tim Duncan. Mchale is really a Jack Sikma that played on a Great team. That being said I still take him over PP.
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