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Default Re: Paul Pierce is a top 5 Celtic all-time

Originally Posted by Toizumi
I agree with most of your post.

I put Pierce at 5 though, for the following reason: he has been the most face of the franchise for this entire decade.
McHale and Jones were never THE iconic players on their respective teams, due to the greatness of Russell and Bird. Pierce has been a Celtic his entire career and has been the team's best player for the bigger part of it. He has won less championships ofc, but on an individual level (statistically, all star selections, recognizition), I'd say he has had a better career than Mchale and Jones (this is subjective of course).

I've never seen Sam Jones play, but I read about him and I know he was great. But so was Pierce and Pierce was the leader of his squads, unlike Jones (these squads were less dominant than Jones's teams though)
Pierce will mostly be remembered for being part of the big three I think. The original Celtic who stayed put and got a team built around him every player would wish for.

He's top 5 in my book.

What? So your argument is that Pierce led a Celtic squad for an entire decade fishing practically every season until a silver spoon was inserted into his mouth with the signing of Allen & Garnett? Being the face of the franchise just isn't the same when your achievements are limited and not very flattering.

I could care less if he won the finals MVP; we all know KG was the heart & soul of that team, he was their leader in 2008 and most importantly Ray Allen was robbed of that NBA finals.

Pierce on that 80's Celtic team would be a third wheel at best, it just so happens that those two players played with Bird & Russell. One player who is clearly better then him, if you know anything about basketball in the 80's (concentrating mostly on McHale, am not as knowledgeable on Sam Jones).

Pierce is easily one of the most loyal players in Celtic history, going through all those tough years; but skill wise, it's a preposterous sentiment to suggest him being better then guys like Russell, Bird, McHale, Hondo or Cousy. Those are icons in Celtic history; Pierce didn't bring much of anything to the franchise besides loyalty and a bunch of All-Star appearances. Let me rephrase; he never achieved anything note worthy (besides that one conference final appearance) as the best player on his team; so please don't bring up that weak-ass "But McHale was a 2nd fiddle..." argument...

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