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Default Re: Paul Pierce is a top 5 Celtic all-time

Originally Posted by G.O.A.T
Four Automatics:


after that it's between Pierce, Heinsohn McHale, Parish, Sam Jones, Bill Sharman, Jo Jo White, Dennis Johnson and KG.

I can't put Pierce above McHale or Jones.

I agree with most of your post.

I put Pierce at 5 though, for the following reason: he has been the most face of the franchise for this entire decade.
McHale and Jones were never THE iconic players on their respective teams, due to the greatness of Russell and Bird. Pierce has been a Celtic his entire career and has been the team's best player for the bigger part of it. He has won less championships ofc, but on an individual level (statistically, all star selections, recognizition), I'd say he has had a better career than Mchale and Jones (this is subjective of course).

I've never seen Sam Jones play, but I read about him and I know he was great. But so was Pierce and Pierce was the leader of his squads, unlike Jones (these squads were less dominant than Jones's teams though)
Pierce will mostly be remembered for being part of the big three I think. The original Celtic who stayed put and got a team built around him every player would wish for.

He's top 5 in my book.
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