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Default Re: John Scheyer Signed With Maccabi

Originally Posted by Lakas Fan Yo
Calathes can easily create his own shot any time. The problem is he cannot finish it. No different than Brandon Jennings who can create his own shot anytime but cannot actually convert it.

Please leave the racist stereotyping out of this forum. It's so offensive.

Not being able to create a shot, and not being able to finish at the rim are two different things.

He struggles trying to shoot when someone is actually defending him. Jennings has no problem shooting when guarded. I dont view Nick in the same light. Nick to me is a spot up shooter. Finds his spots and pops.

Nothing racist about my post. Calling euros soft isnt racist. And if you dont want remarks as such then I'd counter with asking you to be more of a basketball poster and not a d!ck. When someone challenges you or asks you questions? Dont reply like "No need to discuss basketball with those who have no knowledge". So if you cant accept that then I'll continue dissing your nation of softies and bums.
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