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Default Re: Sonics will move to OKC for 2008-09 season. Sonics name stays with Seattle

I feel terrible for Seattle and the fans of the SuperSonics…

It is a shame how the whole think unfolded from the moment starbucks sold the team to the OKC investors… I made a vow to NEVER drink starbucks coffee ever again…

Anyways, its a sad day indeed. I am glad however, that the team name, colors, and history - a history of great players such as Lenny Wilkins, Dennis Johnson, Jack Sikma, Shawn Kemp & Gary Payton… team success such as Western Conferences Champs 1978,1979,1996 and NBA Champions 1979… all this will still remain in Seattle… and the upcoming season was to be the 30th anniversary of that Championship

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