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Default Re: Breaking News: R.I.P Sonics

Originally Posted by knickballer
Adding 3 teams won't make the nba worst. Considering their are more and more players in the draft and alot more talent the NBA won't really have scrub teams if you only add 3 more teams.

Adding teams has been bad for the NBA. In the 80's there were only 23 teams in the NBA and the league was in great shape. Now there are 30 teams in the NBA and its really hurt the NBA. Just look at some of the teams in the Finals these past years.

2001 76ers
2002 Nets
2003 Nets
2007 Cavs

If these teams played in the 80's or 90's they would have no shot to make the NBA Finals. They might of gotten a #6-#8 seed in the playoffs at best. And with these teams in the finals the NBA Finals ratings have gone down signifficantly. With the Nets in the finals in 2003 the finals recieved a 6.5 rating. The Cavs in the finals in 2007 the finals recieved a 6.2 rating. (least watched NBA Finals seires ever) There is no need to add more teams.
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