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Default Re: What would Jordan fans say?

Originally Posted by Hey Yo

The Cavs were never the favorite over the Warriors before any of their Finals match ups. Especially in 2015
Before kyrie got hurt, the latest odds listed before the playoffs began were on April 18, 2015:

Golden State starts its playoff journey with future odds of 5-to-2 to win the NBA Championship at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook, trailing the Cleveland Cavaliers at 9-to-5.

Again, those were the latest odds right before the playoffs began

So again, Lebron teamed up with Wade.. .. that alone gave him the most talent in the league and he was favored against the Spurs.. against the Warriors, he had another big 3 that was favored in 15' before kyrie went down

But in today's game, all MJ would need to be the best team is Paul george (a pippen)

"B-b-but he'd need another star to beat the Warriors!!"... You mean like HOF's Bosh and Love?.. .. lebron had enough help to win, and MJ's superior style always won with LESS (only 1 all-star)
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