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Default InsideHoops Forum Intro, Guidelines, Search, Feedback

Welcome to InsideHoops, the most fun basketball community on the planet!


Here at InsideHoops, we value friendly, passionate, intelligent basketball discussion. We have a big mix of fans here -- some young, some old, mostly long-time fans but some still new and learning the game. Be friendly to other people! When in doubt, chill out, relax, and remember why we're all here: For good basketball discussion.


Welcome aboard. When you first get an account, your account is limited to replying to topics that other people started. As you post for a while, your account will gain the ability to create a topic of your own, and more things, like messaging and other customizable options. It happens fairly quickly. And then you get to enjoy everything for as long as you're here. For years! Decades! Just post regularly and all the features will open up to you soon.


1) Be very selective about new topics that you create. Only create a topic that's intelligent and worthy of being its own topic. Before starting a new topic on a recent event, skim-read the pre-existing topics on page 1, and if it's not breaking news, check page 2 and a few other older pages before starting the topic.

2) Be friendly to other people! Healthy basketball debate and passionate discussion is great, but remember, we're all here for fun and to exchange basketball ideas, options, info and observations.

3) If someone posts something that is "damaging" to our board in a fairly big way, please REPORT THE POST by clicking the little red/white triangle near their username. Only do this when necessary. And if someone is posting LOTS of bad stuff, report them just once or twice saying "check their other posts."

4) If you have a personal problem with someone that isn't going away, feel free to simply add them to your Ignore list.

5) When quoting articles from newspapers, other sites, etc. you don't have to always post a link but you do have to credit the source. Also, never repost full articles from anywhere. Just quote a little bit, and credit where it came from.

6) If you aren't up on the latest news or results, hit the front page. Look on the right side and skim our news blog entries for the latest news. Skim our rumors page for various rumor items. You can do this in maybe 2-3 minutes flat, and be up on lots of stuff.

7) Best way to learn about basketball is... watch basketball! Shocking, I know!

8) Reach out to your friends and bring them to the InsideHoops community. They'll thank you for it.

9) Post in lots of our forums! Hit the college forum, sneakers, also be sure to post news in the individual forum of your favorite team. Want to mod a team forum? Let us know.


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