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Default Re: Tim Duncan according to basketball-reference

This is always such an odd argument. And its going nowhere. Duncan is gonna be remembered a 4 no matter what anyone thinks about it. You are what you are in your prime. Nobody becomes something else(part time at that) as they wind down then get remembered as it. Magic wasnt technically the point with Norm Nixon and later played the 3 and the 4. He didnt start his career as a point and he didnt end his career as a point. And even in his prime Michael Cooper played point for like 20 minutes a game with Magic playing 2-3-4. Michael Cooper put up back to back 15 assists games one year when Magic missed a few games. He was flat out a big point guard for whole stretches of games and seasons.

Magic came in as a swingman playing with an all star point who was getting bigtime assists....he moved to play point mostly...bu still played other positions depending on matchups....and even when he was a point he guarded mostly other the end of his career he was a power forward...and his most famous game was at center.

And yet....Magic is the GOAT point guard.

Duncan is more of a 4 than Magic is a 1.

Both will be remembered at those positions though.

The rest is just complaining that will get nowhere.
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