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Default Re: Tim Duncan according to basketball-reference

According to bball-reference Tim Duncan has spent nearly half of his career as a C and the other half as a PF.

In other words, prime Duncan is a PF.

(1997/98 - 2005/06) -> GOAT PF
3 NBA Titles, 2 MVPs, 3 FMVPs

Selected to 8 All-NBA First teams

Yeah but the 80's and 70's stats are inflated

1) the primary scoring option's usage percentage fluctuates within a narrow-band (25% - 30%).

With a few rare exceptions (Michael Jordan), usage percentages around 35% are detrimental to the team because the efficiency decreases as the usage increases and the other players don't feel involved.

2) However,the pace factor has wild fluctuations.

As you can see, peak Shaq has underwhelming statistics.

We need to distinguish between 1) players whose stats are inflated by pace,

and 2) players whose stats are the result of a combination of high usage + high efficiency.

Per 100 Team poss. is the best tool available (make sure they play a lot of minutes)

Duncan vs Kareem

- Kareem's first four seasons are not available.

- Both players deserve the utmost respect.

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