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Default Re: Tim Duncan according to basketball-reference

Originally Posted by gts
Kareem has 3000+ more rebounds than Duncan and more steals.. Duncan has more blocks but never averaged more than 2.9 per game whereas Kareem has seasons of 4.1 and 4.0 per game and several over 3

also note that for Kareem's first 4 seasons they didn't keep block or steal stats

Kareem also has 5660 assists to Duncans 3832

I watched Kareem and I've watched Duncan and you are seriously underrating Kareem and overrating Duncan in these catergories

Head to head Kareem would dominate Duncan just like he did pretty much every other big man in his career

Kareem is not a better rebounder. KAJ has a career 15.7% total rebound percentage. Duncan, in comparison, has a career 18.5% TRB. It's very telling that KAJ's rebounding numbers fell off a cliff when the 80s rolled around. Usually good rebounders will continue to be good rebounders, even late in their careers. Not the case for Jabar. He put up respectable rebounding numbers when the league was in it's weakest era and proceeded to drop off in the 80s when there was more talent.

For example, KAJ at age 28 had an excellent 19.6% TRB. KAJ at age 38 had a very low 10.3% TRB.

Duncan at age 28 had a 19.4% TRB. Duncan at age 38 had a 18.8% TRB.

All the great rebounders(Barkley, Rodman, etc) in NBA history maintained their rebounding percentages late into their careers. Kareem didn't. Leads me to believe he was an average rebounder for his position.

As for passing. KAJ sits at a 14.6% career Assist Percentage. Duncan is at 16.4% career Assist Percentage.

Blocking? KAJ is a career 3.8% Block Percentage. Duncan is at 4.6% career Block Percentage.

Also, Duncan is one of the best defenders in NBA history. Kareem is possibly top 15 but still nowhere in Russell, Eaton, Ewing, Garnett, Duncan, or Robinson's class.

I will give you scoring. KAJ is probably the greatest of all-time scoring big man. Only Shaq has an argument with him in that category.

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