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Default Re: Cleveland listening to offers for 1st pick from Jazz, Sixers, Wolves, Magic

Embiid's injuries messed a lot of things up. They should jump on that Jazz deal. 4-5 years from now it might be a horrible decision if Wiggins or Parker are legit superstars...but as of right now that deal sounds pretty damn good.

Favors and Burks are right around Kyrie's age at 22, two more great pieces for that young core. Quality players that'll keep their youth and ceiling high, but are also good enough to make a strong impact from the start. Favors especially. Then you throw in Vonleh or Randle with the #5, and someone like Payne, Cappella, or McGary with the #23 for backup PF/C, or maybe Shabazz Napier for backup PG. All while dumping Jack, damn.


The only weakness there would be SF, which they could easily fix in free agency, by signing someone like Ariza, Hayward, Wes Johnson, Xavier Henry, etc. Hope Blatt comes in and makes it all work, and if it does, that team might make the 2nd round of the playoffs.
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