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Default Re: Welcome to the big 4 in Cleveland

Originally Posted by navy
Lebron James, Irving, and Melo is the ALL Star team. Melo needs to play off ball. Desperately.

Melo doesnt get enough free throws nor have the size to play in the post for long stretches. It is why in the playoffs he always struggles to raise his game.

Melo having as many possessions as Lebron is crazy. Lebron currently has a smaller usage rate than Melo and Irving and is way more productive.

Who do you think he will be posting up? He isn't going to single out David West and attempt to back him down, he will pick his spots and for a SF he has great size and strength to play in the post,

Also, in regards to the playoffs, you act like his supporting cast is even comparable to LeBrons, teams knew to focus on him because he didn't have as many options to help him out,

I agree that Melo should play off ball, but I do not agree he needs to lower his usage rate significantly.
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