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toooo 05-04-2013 03:06 AM

Official OffSeason Ideas Thread:
Clippers lost tonight in game 6 vs the Grizzlies. What is going to happen in their offseason? Where will CP3 go? Who will we sign?

toooo 05-05-2013 11:22 PM

Re: Clippers out of playoffs -- what happens in the offseason?
What happened to qrich's post? I think it was his...

qrich 05-07-2013 09:23 PM

Re: Clippers out of playoffs -- what happens in the offseason?

Originally Posted by toooo
What happened to qrich's post? I think it was his...

I deleted it because I didn't like that plan at all. Here's another one:

DeAndre + #25 + 2014 2nd for Kevin Garnett
-No brainer. Get an actual defensive center, who is also on an expiring contract.

Bledsoe + Butler + Hill (Salary purposes) for Danny Granger + Gerald Green + #23
-Take on Green's contract, but its only 2 years/7 million left for an athletic wing. A gamble on Granger returning to form as well, but would be a huge expiring contract. Use #23 on Gorgui Deng/Lucas Noregeria to be the C of the future

Sign Shaun Livingston
-Backup to Chris Paul. Did pretty well with the Cavaliers this past season.

Keep Matt Barnes, Pick Up option on Willie
-Two guys who accepted their roles and will continue to do so without an issue.

Sign Elton Brand
-Many might not like this, but I believe EB would be a solid 20-25 minute backup at the 4/5 and can spot time with Blake as well.

Sign Zaza Pachulia/Nazr Muhammed/Samuel Dalembert/Aaron Gray
-Instead of going for an athletic backup C, go with more of a vet backup to help tutor Lucas/Deng. If they go for an athletic big, someone like Hassan Whiteside or keeping Hollins would work. Maybe even Earl Barron.

Sign James Singleton
-He's a guy I've wanted the Clips to bring back for a while now. His last NBA action (last year), he averaged 8/7 in 22 minutes and is another hard nosed guy who won't complain about playing time.

PG: Chris Paul - Shaun Livingston
SG: Willie Green - Jamal Crawford - Gerald Green
SF: Danny Granger - Matt Barnes - James Singleton
PF: Blake Griffin - Elton Brand
CE: Kevin Garnett - Zaza? - Lucas/Deng

Maybe add a third point guard, but don't think it would be necessary. Think the starting unit is much better rounded out and actually have bangers up front. Don't mortgage the future either as Granger is younger than Pierce by five years and I'm high on Lucas, while most seem to be high on Deng.

qrich 05-08-2013 02:29 AM

Re: Official OffSeason Ideas Thread:
Here's another take, don't like this one as much:

Eric Bledsoe, 2014 2nd Round Selection to the Milwaukee Bucks for John Henson and #15.
-This deal is off the basis that Jennings does not want to be retained by the Bucks as Milwaukee gets a legit point guard to put next to Ellis, and they would be a great fit together. Clippers get a young, legit 6'10 guy that has potential to be a 18/9 guy for years.

Caron Butler, 2015 2nd Round Selection to the Sacramento Kings for a TPE & Isaiah Thomas.
-Would only work if the Kings are tired of being a low lotto team and want to put together a string of W's, for whatever reason. Maybe they look to finally make the playoffs? For the Clippers, we gain a backup point guard after losing Isaiah along with a huge TPE that can be used in numerous situations. Jazz might be another option for a 2nd instead if Kings do not want to do the deal.

S&T Chauncey Billups to the Portland Trail Blazers for a small TPE and #40.
-Olshey acquires a veteran to put behind Lillard at a very small cost. Clippers stash a young guy away for a few years.

TPE (Sacramento) to the Washington Wizards for Trevor Ariza & #54.
-Wizards save some money while Clippers bring back a veteran small forward and get another prospect to stash.

Free Agency:
Pick up the option to Willie Green.
Sign Christopher Emmanuel Paul to the Maximum.
Sign Matt Barnes to a 2 year contract, valued at $6,500,000.
Sign Zaza Pachulia to a portion of the Mid Level Exception.
Sign Craig Smith to the minimum (give him more if available).
Sign Ryan Hollins to the minimum.
Sign James Singleton to the minimum.

#15: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
-The 20 year old shooting guard has drawn comparisons to Kerry Kittles. He is a solid shooter (38% from 3 on about 7 attempts a game in college) and a TS% of 59. He also has good size/athleticism to be a good defender at his position.

#25: Gorgui Deng
-Athletic and 6'11, Deng is a good shot blocker as he averaged more blocks per than he did turnovers and about equaled the amount of fouls he gave up per game. Is a good pick as well, assuming he develops and Jordan doesn't, as in two years, we can let Jordan walk and have two more years of Deng on his rookie deal.

#40: Archie Goodwin
-Real solid shooting guard who has a ton of potential. Clippers will let him play a year in the D-League and wait for next season.

#54: Augusto Lima
-Brazilian big man to be stashed overseas.

Final Roster:
PG: Chris Paul - Isaiah Thomas
SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Jamal Crawford - Willie Green
SF: Trevor Ariza - Matt Barnes - James Singleton*
PF: Blake Griffin - Craig Smith - Gorgui Deng*
CE: DeAndre Jordan - Zaza Pachulia - Ryan Hollins

Green probably starts over Pope, but wouldn't mind that either. We lose defense off the bench but gain a ton of firepower.

el gringos 05-08-2013 07:12 AM

Re: Official OffSeason Ideas Thread:
No way Goodwin lasts to 40. If those were your picks somehow then your 3rd pick would be by far the best. Don't like dieng at all as an nba prospect

qrich 05-15-2013 09:42 PM

Re: Official OffSeason Ideas Thread:
Three Team Trade:
Clippers Out: DeAndre Jordan,
Clippers In: Marcin Gortat, Luis Scola, #39 (Via Portland), #57 (Via Phoenix)

Clippers upgrade their front court, greatly. I think Gortat would be a good fit next to Blake and Scola is a good vet to have off the bench.

Suns Out: Marcin Gortat, Luis Scola, #30, #57
Suns In: Joel Freeland, #10 (Via Portland)

Suns get two lottery picks in hopes for their rebuild. Have to take on the contract of Freeland, however.

Blazers Out: Joel Freeland, #10, #39
Blazers In: DeAndre Jordan

Blazers go for a center they may think will fit well with Aldridge and dump the contract of Freeland.


Clippers Out | Pacers In: Grant Hill, #30
Pacers Out | Clippers In: Gerald Green, #23

Clippers move up seven spots in the draft while taking on a 2/7 mil contract for an athletic wing. Pacers move down 7 spots to dump Green's contract. Assuming Hill is to retire.


Clippers Out | Wizards In: Caron Butler
Wizards Out | Clippers In: Trevor Ariza

A speculated deal around the deadline nixed by the Clips. Hope the Wizards are still interested.


Clippers Out | Kings In: Eric Bledsoe, #25, 2014 Clippers 2nd Round Selection
Kings Out | Clippers In: #6, #36

Clippers save themselves from overpaying Bledsoe. Kings get a young point guard.


Draft Night with picks #6, #23, #36, #39, #57

After having stockpiled picks, Clippers use them for the following guys:
#6 Shabazz Muhammad (Disappointing season at UCLA, but I still believe Bazz can end up being one of the premier scorers in the pros, though not doing much else. I'd love it if Otto Porter fell to #6, but no way he does and I believe it is too high for Carter-Williams or Olynk. Oladipo would need consideration as well.)

#23 Lucas Nogueira (No secret on these forums that I think Lucas can end up being a solid guy. Drawing comparisons to Dalembert, the young guy is just over 6'11 in shoes, but has a 7'4+ wing span and averages 3.4 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in 13 minutes in the ACB. I'd let him stay over one year before bringing him, or let him spend time with our D-League affiliate while calling him up to learn from Gortat/Scola/Biff and CP.)

#36 James Ennis (Local kid from Long Beach State. Though I'm a CSUN fan, Ennis is a real talent and I think could be a very late steal. Solid defender and all around game with athleticism to boot. 16.5/6.7/2.1 with 1.8 steal/1.3 blocks on 49.1/35.7/83.4 shooting for LBSU. He dropped 18/8 with 4 blocks on 8-16 against North Carolina, 17/7 on 6-12 vs Arizona, 20/6/4 on 7-15 against UCLA. Did struggle against 'Cuse & Ohio State with a combined 22/9 on 8-29 however. Had two solid games as a Junior. 19/4/6 with 5 steals on 6-10 against #9 Pitt and 16/4/2 with 6 steals on 5-7 against #13 Kansas. All were road games and that is just a taste of what he did against ranked sides.)

#39 Isaiah Canaan (Another guy that I'm a fan of, with no secret. Canaan is a solid scoring backup point that plays decent D. Would be a great 5-15 minute backup to Paul and learn a lot from him.)

#57 Augusto Lima (Fellow Brazilian to Lucas, Lima is taken for his rights and hopes he can gain some value.)


Free Agency:

James Singleton for the league's minimum contract. Definitely some nostalgia with this pick, but Jumpin James played solid for the Wizards last season, averaging 8/7 in 22 minutes. Can run at the 3 and the 4, and will not complain about playing time. Great vet to have.

Chauncey Billups to a 1 year/2.5 million deal. Billups will be the backup to Chris Paul and another good mentor for Canaan

Zaza Pachulia to the full MLE for two seasons with a player option for year 3. Clippers need a backup to Gortt so why not go Zaza? Good shot, and isn't afraid to get in your face when needed.

Ryan Hollins for a one year minimum. Just bring back Ryan.

Final Roster:
PG: Chris Paul | Chauncey Billups | Isaiah Canaan
SG: Willie Green | Jamal Crawford | James Ennis
SF: Trevor Ariza | Shabazz Muhammad | James Singleton
PF: Blake Griffin | Luis Scola
CE: Marcin Gortat | Zaza Pachulia | Ryan Hollins

Love that team, but might need some more D in the starting unit, though I like Gortat next to Blake. Lots of youth as well with Ennis, Bazz, Isaiah and the Brazilian duo.

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