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Maniak 04-06-2013 02:10 PM

San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
Welcome to my NBA 2k13 Association thread. I will be controlling the San Antonio Spurs for one season. Here are the settings I am using, along with what custom sliders and rosters I will use.

Start Date: Beginning of Season
Season Length: 82 Games
Team Chemistry: On
Player Roles: Off
Progressive Fatigue: Off
Trade Deadline: On
Trade Override: Off
Allow CPU Trades: On
Preseason Games: On
Injuries: On
Fantasy Draft: None
Customize League: Off
All Playoff series are Best of 7
Quarter Length: 9 Minutes
Sim Quarter Length: 11 Minutes
Custom Sliders are copied from OperationSports user schnaidt1’s “Holy Game Play Batman”
Rosters are Bedwardsroy19 & Team’s 2k13 Roster Project, found again on OperationSports

I plan on playing through the first 10 games or so of the season and then just doing weekly recaps until around the all-star time. I will play a few games around there, then sim more doing recaps, and then for the last 10 games or so I will also play them myself. I will play all playoff games (provided I make the playoffs, haha). I will do around the league stuff as well, covering injuries, transactions, rumors, and more. There will be features such as Spurs player twitters, articles, and more.

I hope you enjoy reading and I await your feedback, praise, hate, etc.

Notable updates (articles and whatnot) :

clippersfan86 update #1
clippersfan86 update #2
How Deep? A look at the spurs title hopes
trades anyone? pt1
trades anyone? pt2
Bledsoe trade announcement
all-star starters announced
other all-star stuff
greg monroe trade announcement per woj
r.c. buford presser highlights

Maniak 04-06-2013 02:10 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
End of Regular Season Team Stats

Spurs Injury Report:

Maniak 04-06-2013 02:11 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Scoring title went to Carmelo Anthony, who averaged 30.2ppg (2476 total points)

Maniak 04-06-2013 02:11 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Maniak 04-06-2013 02:12 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
October 24th, 2012

So…what now? 2012-13 Spurs Season Preview

Coming off of a disappointing 4-2 loss to the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals, this season may be the Big Three’s final shot at another ring.

Age is a cruel mistress. Tim Duncan (36), Tony Parker (30), and Manu Ginobili (35) learned that the hard way in the Western Conference Finals against the young Spurs core of Kevin Durant (24), Russell Westbrook (23), and James Harden (23). That’s all in the past now, and the Spurs have to look forward to [hopefully] better and brighter things in the upcoming season.

The Spurs lost nobody in the offseason, re-signing Tim Duncan, Danny Green, Boris Diaw, and Patty Mills. However nothing was gained either, and when teams like the Lakers and the Heat further improve their rosters, one has to wonder where San Antonio sits. Well according to, they are #1 headed into the season.

Despite no big name new faces, the Spurs retaining franchise cornerstone Tim Duncan (15.4ppg/9.0rpg/1.5bpg on 49% from the field in 28mpg) as well as fourth year player Danny Green who saw increases across the board on his statistics with a 11.6mpg increase last season was very pivotal.

“I think it’s obvious we want to keep these guys together for as long as possible. This team has a chemistry I’m almost afraid to touch and this upcoming season I see no reason why they won’t finish first in the West again with this roster,” General Manager R.C. Buford commented during a press conference late last week.

By now we know what to expect from the Big Three not only in terms of production but also minutes. Popovich will give them as much rest as possible until the playoffs. This places more pressure in the regular season on the youth of San Antonio. 21 year old NBA sophomore Kawhi Leonard is seen as someone who will be a mainstay for the Spurs foreseeable future. After the Spurs traded Richard Jefferson to the Golden State Warriors for Stephen Jackson last season, rookie Leonard embraced the starting small forward spot for the Spurs. While statistically he didn’t blow anyone’s mind last year, his play goes beyond the score sheet.

Tim Duncan (left) has helped mentor Kawhi Leonard (right)

When reporters caught up with Tony Parker yesterday, he had this to say on Kawhi: “Kawhi [Leonard] is so active; I mean sometimes I think there are three or four of him out on the court. Defensively he’s not afraid of guarding the other team’s best player and that’s a great trait to have. I can’t wait to see what he can do for us this year. I’m excited.”

While plenty of questions exist for the Spurs headed into the season, time is the only thing to answer them. Their first game is October 31, when they’ll play in New Orleans against the Hornets, a game that will mark the debut of this year’s #1 lottery pick: Anthony Davis.


These pre-season rankings did not take into account any trades (such as the Houston Rocket's addition of James Harden).

Maniak 04-06-2013 04:09 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Maniak 04-06-2013 05:45 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
Simulated the 4th quarter.

POTG: Kawhi Leonard


The visiting Spurs didn't make Anthony Davis' NBA debut easy, as the Hornets fell 91-76 on Wednesday night. Davis contributed 19 points and a game high 9 rebounds, but it wasn't enough to stop San Antonio.

"Individually I had a good game tonight, but we still didn't get the win and that's all that matters. They're [Spurs] a great team and a great test of where we are as a team. We all have to own up after a loss but I'll be the first to say I have to continue adjusting to the NBA tempo and improving my game. Hope to get them next time." Davis said after the game.

Tim Duncan had some words regarding the rookie. "He [Anthony Davis] has a lot of talent. To step in to your first NBA game and perform like that is amazing. We struggled to stop him down low and I think personally I underestimated his shooting range. [He's] Got a lot of potential and I don't doubt he'll be an all-star one day, but tonight is ours to celebrate."

The Spurs win can be contributed to fantastic two-way play. Not only did they shoot the ball over 50%, they limited the Hornets to just over 40%.

Kawhi Leonard was the story tonight, missing only one shot and scoring 18 points in the win.

"Some nights the ball rolls how you want it to. I got good touches and my teammates really helped open the floor for me to attack the basket." Leonard said.

Following this solid performance the Spurs head home tonight and ready to face the Oklahoma City Thunder tomorrow. The same Thunder team that knocked the Spurs out of the playoffs just a few months ago.

"The loss is still tender, but it's a new season and a clean slate. We can only look forward and play our game to beat them on our home court." Gregg Popovich commented.

This will be the Thunder's debut for the 2012-13 season. It's their first game without guard James Harden, who was traded to the Houston Rockets along with Cole Aldrich, Daequan Cook, and Lazar Hayward for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, two first round picks and a second round pick. Harden scored 29 points in his debut as a Rocket as they defeated the Pistons 101-99. Tomorrow we'll see if Martin and Lamb can fill the hole Harden left.

Maniak 04-06-2013 06:15 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Mr. I'm So Rad 04-06-2013 06:37 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
Eww look at the Thunder's starting lineup. Silly 2K

Maniak 04-06-2013 06:39 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Originally Posted by Mr. I'm So Rad
Eww look at the Thunder's starting lineup. Silly 2K

Durant at PF is really annoying to play against. Him and Westbrook are tearing me apart. I can't guard them.

Mr. I'm So Rad 04-06-2013 06:52 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
The Thunder are complete cheese in 2K13 especially against the CPU on Hall Of Fame.

Maniak 04-06-2013 07:13 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Originally Posted by Mr. I'm So Rad
The Thunder are complete cheese in 2K13 especially against the CPU on Hall Of Fame.

Holy shit that was the most ridiculous game I've ever played of 2k.

Box score and recap coming.

Maniak 04-06-2013 07:51 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

POTG: Tony Parker

An overtime thriller concluded in San Antonio late Thursday night with the sold out Spurs crowd rejoicing as the Thunder fell.

The Spurs were led by Tony Parker, who scored 30 points and dished 11 assists while not turning the ball over once.

"[Russell] Westbrook was taking it to me early. Beating me off the dribble possession after possession. I became determined to make his job as a defender as hard as mine was. When I started hitting several shots in a row and collapsing the defense when I drove I was able to pass to my open teammates giving them shots they hit," Parker explained.

Parker was also responsible for the three-pointer that put the Spurs into overtime, after running down the clock.

"Even though he was our leading scorer Tony [Parker] was the last option on that play. We had [Matt] Bonner screen him but that didn't work, we had Danny Green cutting and getting screens and that didn't work. As well as a few other options that didn't come to fruition. It came down to a make or go home shot with no chance for a rebound and you saw what happened," Gregg Popovich spoke in the press conference post-game.

When overtime came it wasn't Parker who was the hero. Kawhi Leonard scored 6 of their 12 points, including two free throws from a Russell Westbrook blocking foul with seconds left that put the Spurs up by 2. Not only that, but he was the one who put his hand directly in the face of Kevin Durant's 3 pointer to force the near miss. That shot would have won Oklahoma the game.

"There wasn't a single moment of that overtime that wasn't tense. When I went up for that layup and I heard the whistle blow I thought for sure it would be [a] charging [call] and I was devastated. Seeing that it was a blocking [foul] on Westbrook and I'd have two shots at the line to take the lead I really had to calm myself and focus," Kawhi Leonard said.

Kevin Durant scored a season high 43 points in the loss to bring him past the 10,000 career point mark.

The Spurs will get a day of rest tomorrow and then play another home game against the Utah Jazz on Saturday.

Maniak 04-06-2013 08:15 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
November 2, 2012


Manu Ginobili's Contract

Starting shooting guard Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs spoke yesterday about his contract situation, as well as his future in the NBA.

Just one day after a 123-121 victory in overtime over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Ginobili announced his contract is to be extended by 1 year by the Spurs organization.

"We shook hands on it early this morning. I love the San Antonio fans and I love the Spurs. I've been interested in getting this done and now it's being set in stone." Ginobili said.

The extension is substantially smaller than what he is currently receiving. This year the 11 year veteran is set to make $14.11 million, while the extension is said to be closer to $5.0 million.

"Looking ahead into the future I want to allow the front office to have more leeway in the upcoming off-season. We both agreed that this is a fair price."

The estimated near $10.0 million cut will surely give the Spurs money to operate with. As of now the Spurs salary in 2013-14 is $36.54 million. With the salary cap set to be around $60.0 million, that leaves close to $23.50 million in cap room. This number will be different by then, as both Matt Bonner and Patrick Mills have team options in 2013-14, while Boris Diaw has a player option.

"We've got a lot to decide leading up to the next off-season and during. I always have to look ahead but the way things pan out during the regular- and post-season really affects these things. I'm very happy to have Ginobili on board another year." R.C. Buford, G.M. of the Spurs said.

As the Spurs are only 2 games into the 82 game season, the phrase "upcoming offseason" seems a bit strange, but this foresight is what helped San Antonio be a dynasty since the arrival of Tim Duncan.

This extension guarantees the Big Three of Ginobili, Parker, and Duncan to be together at least one more year, provided no trades or retirements occur.

"As of now I think I'll have to retire after the 2014 season, but that decision is a ways away yet. It all depends how I'm playing and how my body is doing." Manu spoke when asked about retirement.

Knowing he has another year of guaranteed money, Manu Ginobili will hope to defeat the Utah Jazz tomorrow.

Mr. I'm So Rad 04-06-2013 08:25 PM

Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association
Manu ain't retiring. He gonna sign with the Heat :kobe:

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