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Chalkmaze 05-28-2012 04:37 AM

Stockton, B Hansen, P Mannion, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi!

Short funny news clip from the past.

Xiao Yao You 11-14-2012 07:14 PM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
Payton already knows who his Hall of Famer presenters will be whenever he might be enshrined. “I would name two of them, John Stockton and George Gervin,’’ Payton said in a phone interview with FOX Sports Florida. "John Stockton is someone that I respect and was the toughest basketball player I played (against). George Gervin, because I admired him ever since I was (growing up). Those are guys that I respect a lot.’’ FOXSports Florida

Xiao Yao You 06-14-2013 12:35 PM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
New Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd (that is still really weird to type) swung by the Dan Patrick Show on Friday to talk about how he convinced Billy King this was a good hire. Other topics of interest came up as well, including how Jidd thinks John Stockton is the greatest point guard ever. I think Stockton gets overlooked in that conversation, but I still say Magic personally.

Xiao Yao You 06-15-2013 10:22 AM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
Dan asked if he would ever suit up in practice. “I'm not going to suit up in practice,” Kidd said. “Even if we're shorthanded. And I'm not going to have the uniform under my suit.” Dan also asked Kidd who he thought the best point guard of all time is. He immediately said John Stockton and followed him up with Magic Johnson. Here is Kidd’s all-time NBA team: PG: John Stockton SG: Michael Jordan SF: Scottie Pippen PF: Tim Duncan C: Shaquille O’Neal Dan said “no LeBron?” Kidd said that he could play LeBron at five.

The Dan Patrick Show

Xiao Yao You 07-09-2013 09:14 AM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi

During his career — spent entirely with the Utah Jazz — Stockton was the NBA’s version of Howard Hughes. He was the league’s mysterious recluse who gave few the opportunity to know him. Stockton avoided the spotlight and fought — stubbornly sometimes — to prevent outsiders from getting more than a glimpse of his life away from basketball. "I’ve been accused sometimes of being a hermit," Stockton said last week. "[But] my feelings about privacy have never changed and probably never will. Everybody deserves that." In Assisted, however, the intensely private basketball star successfully makes the transition to entertaining author. Salt Lake Tribune

Even more troublesome: Some new teammates began to grumble about their roles behind Stockton and Malone. They complained of favoritism coach Jerry Sloan allegedly showed his 40-something stars by not making them participate in every practice. "Things just started to add up," Stockton said. "Things that started to worry me had never worried me before. Things that started to bother me had never bothered me before. The aches and pains I felt, I had never felt before. My reaction to it — instead of attacking it — was an indication it was time [to retire]. That was the message." When told it sounded like his final season was a truly unhappy one, Stockton said, "I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I had a great time. It was a great part of my life. But you can’t play forever." Salt Lake Tribune

They earned the right to not have to practice. They showed up for 2 decades and got the job done. Popovich has taken it even furthur in SA sitting them out of games to rest.

Xiao Yao You 09-02-2013 09:34 PM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
Did John Stockton ever talk trash back to you? Gary Payton: "Never. That is reason I really respected him because you never could get in his head. He's the hardest person I ever had to guard. I tried to talk to him, try to do something and he'd just look at me, set a pick and cause me [to get mad and] get a tech. And then all of the sudden it was over. There was much respect to him doing that to me. It taught me a lot."

Yahoo! Sports

You say Stockton was the hardest to guard, but what about guarding Michael Jordan? Gary Payton: "Those battles were a little easier. I would have Jordan get mad at me and go back at me. He knew he was really talented and could do whatever he wanted to. But [Stockton] was more of a challenge to me than guarding someone that would talk back to me. When you talk back to me and say something to me it made my game go to another level. John was one who wouldn't say nothing and you couldn't figure him out. He'd keep going in the pick and rolls and he and Karl Malone would score a big bucket. At times I would guard Jordan and get him mad and into other things."

Yahoo! Sports

Xiao Yao You 09-02-2013 10:45 PM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
Payton feels he was better than Stockton, but he concedes that the former Utah Jazz guard had a remarkable basketball IQ.

"I really think I was better as an athlete and in everything all-around," Payton said. "But he was just a smarter basketball player than us. He just got it done. I do think I was a better basketball player. I can do more things skills-wise. He just showed he knew how to play the game and that was the biggest difference."

Xiao Yao You 10-30-2013 07:38 AM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi

It took a few decades, but John Stockton finally granted an interview on the nationally syndicated "Jim Rome Show" Tuesday afternoon.

Of course the former Jazz point guard is promoting his recently published autobiography, "Assisted," and he talked with Rome for 15 minutes on a number of subjects, including being drafted by Utah, his friendship with Karl Malone and other teammates, and not winning a championship ring.

Stockton said he was just happy to be drafted by anyone, but that it wasn’t hard to take a liking to Salt Lake City.

"As soon as we hit the ground, I had a chance to meet a couple of teammates and drive around and see the mountains," he said. "What a beautiful place to live and have my kids grow up for the next 19 years."

The Hall of Famer said he first met future teammate Karl Malone at the 1984 Olympic trials in Indiana. The next time they met was at the Hogle Zoo when he was showing Malone around town soon after the Mailman was drafted.

"He wasn’t very recognizable at that time and I certainly wasn’t and we walked all around the zoo unaccosted and enjoyed the day looking at the animals," he said. "We’ve been best of friends ever since. He’s a good man from a completely different area than I was and we both felt completely at ease talking to each other. It's a relationship I’ve been really proud of for the past 30 years."

Asked if his career was complete without winning a championship ring, Stockton replied, "Oh absolutely. I think I laid it all out there for 19 years and you don’t always achieve all the goals that you shoot for. Maybe if I’d won one, I’d think I’d accomplished something and my life would be over, but hopefully I’m looking ahead and thinking there’s bigger and better things I’m expected to do."

When asked about favorite teammates, Stockton mentioned Jeff Hornacek, Thurl Bailey, Mark Eaton, Ty Corbin and Marc Iavaroni

Two of them are head coaches. His kids are grown up or most of them I think maybe he'll join a coaching staff?


and said, "I was pretty fortunate because it wasn’t a revolving door and we had a long chance to get to know each other. There weren’t a lot of earphones or cellphones and we had a chance to become friends. I have a lot of really close friends from those days."

On coach Jerry Sloan, Stockton said, "He’s hard-nosed, but he was also really fair. He showed a lot of trust in us out on the floor and always had our backs. If we didn’t play well, he took the blame for it and if we did play well, it was all us and not him. He was a phenomenal coach, a great man and a big mentor for me."

Xiao Yao You 11-05-2013 01:54 PM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi

John Stockton and his wife Nada have one of the most successful marriages anywhere, despite his brand of wooing, which began with a two-for-one coupon to a local restaurant.

I knew he was cheap but come on John! This is after he had an NBA contract I believe not a poor college student.

Xiao Yao You 11-05-2013 06:49 PM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi

as they were negotiating what would be Stockton’s final contract, Miller offered a deal that would have made Stock the highest-paid point guard in the league. While appreciated, Stockton countered with a substantially lower offer.

Can you even imagine anything like that happening in today’s NBA?

The problem I have with that is he didn't spend that money John "gave" to him to improve the team.

Xiao Yao You 11-11-2013 10:21 PM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi

Reality bites » The most surprising thing about being an NBA ball boy, Truman says, was seeing what these world-class athletes were consuming. Karl Malone would come in at 4 p.m. to watch "SportsCenter" while wolfing down popcorn, barbecue potato chips and Coke. (Truman says he would wait for the anchors to mention him and inevitably be offended at the characterization.) John Stockton usually took better care of himself, but Truman recalls an exhibition game at the Dee Events Center in Ogden where he snatched five snickerdoodle cookies from the press room. His teammates gave him grief, and he said it didn’t matter; he was only playing 10 minutes. Then he told a ball boy to go grab him some more snickerdoodles.

Salt Lake Tribune

When the games were over, Truman says, the players drank a lot of beer. And not only in the locker room: The ball boys were often instructed to wheel out a cooler to the visiting team’s bus. Incidentally, Charles Barkley gave Truman the nickname "Zero" when he, not being a drinker himself, didn’t know to tilt the glass while pouring the Chuckster’s beer. Barkley was left, perhaps appropriately, with a big head.

Salt Lake Tribune

Surprising considering how obsessed they were with body fat.

Xiao Yao You 11-12-2013 08:00 AM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
Quote: What's a day in the life of John Stockton these days? Stockton: Well, it's kind of a mess of activities. There is not the same structure -- I don't have practice at 10, games at 7; I get to pick and choose my spots. But it's very busy. I'm in a number of businesses. I'm in a couple of construction projects. I'm doing a lot of coaching, some high school, some younger. When I first retired, I was an assistant on seven or eight teams at once. Will we ever see you back in the NBA? Stockton: I've never ruled it out. I have not sought it out either. It's just not time for me. I don't know that I'm an office guy in any way shape or form. If I were to come back, it would be on the coaching side.


Quote: You still play pickup games? Stockton: Yep. Once a week. Did you like playing for Jerry Sloan? Stockton: Loved it. It was an absolute honor. Frank Layden was the perfect guy for me to start with, but Jerry was the perfect guy for all of us to expand. Frank turned the Jazz from a perennially losing team to a team that started to win. Jerry took the winning team he set up and made us believe we could be champions. He was a no-excuse guy. He was demanding but not unreasonable. I can't give him enough compliments. He took the Jazz to a whole new level and put us on the brink of a couple championships. It would have been difficult without him.

Would have been fine without him John. Way too modest!

Quote: What's one thing in the book about Karl Malone that we don't know. Stockton: He was incredibly generous, both with his time and his good fortune. He sees people's needs and helps them. He has done it time and time again. Karl was approached at an airport baggage claim once by some lady who mistook him for a skycap. She said, "Excuse me, can you help me with my bag." And the whole team was standing around watching. And he says, "Why, sure," picks up her bags and walks them out to a car that was full of people who knew exactly who he was. He never broke character. He just put the bags in the car. She offered him a tip and he said, "This one is on me."

Xiao Yao You 11-14-2013 07:39 AM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
Editor's note: This is the second of three excerpts from the new autobiography titled "Assisted: An Autobiography" by John Stockton with Kerry L. Pickett.

When I arrived in Salt Lake City for my rookie season, I was immediately whisked away to have a physical examination performed by the Jazz medical team.

Mostly this was standard operating procedure — giving blood, supplying a cough here, providing a sample there — but with a couple of twists. While submerged in deep water, the players were asked to climb onto a scale and exhale aggressively in order to determine our lean body mass or body fat.

Following the “baptism,” as the therapist, Moe Forsyth, referred to it, we were directed to a treadmill with monitors attached to our freshly shaved chests. The medical staff wanted to ascertain our levels of cardiovascular health and conditioning. Because of these shaved areas, we looked like mangy dogs as we began the stress test.

Apparently I made an instant impression when I asked, “What is the record time for this treadmill exam?” It wasn’t supposed to be a contest. Most guys ran only as long as required to complete the workup. Some worked a little longer so as to not look lazy. I looked at it a little differently and wanted to win both the body fat and stress tests, whether anyone else was trying or not.

In the years to come, Karl Malone and I competed for the lowest body fat until we both got below what the staff thought were safe levels for a season of competition. Each of us teetered between 1 and 3 percent. As for the treadmill test, I broke the existing record that year and my own record in each of the seasons that followed. That is, unless Dr. (Russell) Shields had been stroking my ego for 19 seasons.

Russ Shields is the extraordinary physician who administered the treadmill test. I trust his skill and judgment to this day. I still remember him pretending to be irritated by having to wait until my run was complete. My best guess was he enjoyed watching my personal battle with the machine.

The rest of the day, and most of the next week, was spent at my new home away from home, the Salt Lake Hilton hotel. The Hilton housed all of the Jazz hopefuls throughout training camp. I bumped into coach (Frank) Layden there in the gift shop where he offered me a bit of sage advice that I held dear throughout my career: “Don’t change who you are. Don’t start growing a beard (as if I could!), buying fancy cars and jewelry, and playing the part.” Taking his wisdom to heart, I didn’t change hairstyles, lifestyles, or even the length of my shorts for two decades. If nothing else, I was coachable.

Xiao Yao You 11-16-2013 06:59 AM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi

Maybe one of my most recurring thoughts is how thankful I am to that group that came before me with Rickey and Thurl (Bailey) and Adrian (Dantley) and John Drew, all these guys that changed the culture of the Utah Jazz from, I don’t want to say cellar dwellers, but certainly not a threat to a winning organization.

Drew? :roll:

How about Griffith?


Q: Many fans wanted you to score more. Any regrets about not shooting more?

Stockton: I didn’t go into games thinking, "I need to take 15 shots or 10 shots or four shots." I didn’t go in thinking I needed 10 assists or five or 15. I just played. I figured the coaches would tell me if they wanted something different. We had Karl Malone, arguably the best scorer in the history of the game. I know he’s not No. 1 on the list, but I’m hard-pressed to find one who was just so dominant for so long. It would be foolish to sit there and take too many outside shots when you can get the ball into him close. The foul pressure it puts on teams, the high percentage he shot, the ability to shoot free throws and all those things with him. Having Jeff Hornacek. My decisions on the court were based on the types of guys around at the time and what was the necessary play, I think.

He shot a higher % than Karl though didn't he? Definitely should have been shooting more.

Xiao Yao You 11-16-2013 07:12 AM

Re: Stockton, B Hansen, P Manning, R Kelley 1985 jacuzzi
"They always laugh when I tell them about the guys I’ve played against," the 33-year-old Jefferson said. "Playing against Hakeem Olajuwon, playing against [Michael] Jordan. [Stockton] is one of those guys I was fortunate enough to play against."

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