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insidehoops 09-02-2013 04:35 PM

Denver Nuggets strengths and weaknesses
Strengths: The Nuggets are very deep, with quality players at every position. Ty Lawson & Andre Miller are two very good point guards in different ways. They've got a lot of three-point shooting -- seven of their rotation players shot over 35% from beyond the arc last season. They'll outscore a lot of teams just by bombing from outside some nights. If Javale McGee stays focused throughout the season, he's an immensely talented player -- he's averaged 15-10 per 36 minutes for his career on 54% shooting. Faried is a beast on the boards and one of the league's fastest frontcourt players, which is an even bigger advantage in Denver's thin air.

Weaknesses: Who's going to play defense? The Nuggets ranked a solid 11th in defense last season, but they're losing the league's elite perimeter defender in Iguodala. Additionally, Shaw has announced that he's starting the aforementioned Javale McGee at center, a decision that could end in disaster if McGee is anything like the GIFable McGee below. The Nuggets have a lot of firepower but no stars, a formula that worked for them last year -- until the playoffs. Finally, this isn't so much of a weakness but a question mark: now that he's finally got his shot, how will Shaw lead as a head coach?

-- The Brooklyn Game

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