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Jasper 03-05-2013 02:31 AM

Welcome Brandon Jennings !!!
Monte has been carrying the offensive load , but with JJ Redick on board Jennings is acting like a PG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last two games 19 and 17 dimes with 20 and 11 points respectfully.
Here is the dab -

Expect the same good fortune for Brandon Jennings this summer back in October, he only wanted the same numbers that Holiday and Curry were getting, Milwaukee balked, and now he's headed into the open market as a possible max guy during a piss-poor summer for marquee free agents. Should Jennings make more than Ibaka or Lawson?
(Hold on, I have to find my cap locks key. Give me one second here.)
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can't give the max or even anything close to the max to a shoot-first point guard who makes 40 percent of his shots, especially if it's someone who undeniably hurts his teams in crunch time. Of the 25 players who took the most "clutch" shots so far this season (close games, three minutes or less), Jennings has the second-worst field goal percentage (27.3 percent) and is tied for the fourth-most turnovers (nine). During the 2011-12 season, he took the fifth-most clutch shots (63) and made the lowest percentage of anyone in the top 25 (20.6 percent). During the 2010-11 season, he had the lowest "clutch" field goal percentage (25 percent) of anyone in the top 20 not named "DeMarcus Cousins" (a rookie that year). Really, he should be making Mike Conley/Goran Dragic/Jeremy Lin money (something like $8 million a year), but as they say in auctions, it only takes two dummies to drive up someone's price. No offense to Brandon Jennings, but I can't wait to make fun of the team that gives him $58 million over four years. And it WILL happen. (End tangent.)

Jailblazers7 03-05-2013 10:03 AM

Re: Welcome Brandon Jennings !!!
If he shows he is willing to play the role of a traditional PG now that Reddick is in town, then I don't see why he wouldn't be worth Ty Lawson money. He is a guy that can create for others, knock down 3s are a good %, and get you 16-18 pts. I think his shooting % will bump up to around 42-43% on a better offensive team (which I think the Bucks are now with Reddick).

Jasper 03-06-2013 01:37 PM

Re: Welcome Brandon Jennings !!!
I laughed at after the Utah game when a reporter asked him if he prefered diming or scoring , and he said dimin' because he has done it back when he was in High School and he wanted to show people he still has it :facepalm

Bottom line is = does he realize he is more effective when he does become a PG looking to pass and becoming a 3rd option :confusedshrug:

His team plays better and as a reporter made a statement to him , your doing a Kobe , and he just broke out laughing.

The Bucks I think are more than willing to keep Ellis and gumby if they play this way ... and with Ridick in the equation , it makes for interesting contract talks.

Needless to say , unless they fall on their faces, the Bucks are locked for the 8th seed , but if they hit their stride I could see them be the 6th.

Jailblazers7 03-06-2013 02:27 PM

Re: Welcome Brandon Jennings !!!
I think its still a learning process for Jennings. He is still only like 23 and used to being the go-to scorer all his life. If he keeps playing like he has in the past two games, he will see how effective he can be in the league.

Apparently Boylan has been urging him to take a pass-first role and he seems to be responding.

I'd imagine Monta will pick up the $11 mil option and then hit the market in a year.

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