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| Dec. 2, 2007 is a famous, well-established, professional basketball news outlet and one of the most respected sports websites in the world. Constantly quoted as a source by leading newspapers and magazines, has been recommended by or referenced in articles by Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Forbes, New York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Associated Press,, NBA TV, VH1 television, TNT television, ESPN radio, ABC radio, BBC radio, and hundreds of other top media outlet. was founded in 1999. In their December 25, 2000 issue, Sports Illustrated called us "a haven for pro basketball junkies." Since then we've gotten about 20 times bigger. Everyone in basketball who knows how to access a computer and doesn't have their head in the sand knows, and either reads us or knows someone who does. If we talk about something, the world's most hardcore basketball fans hear about it.

There are lots of sports websites. Yet tens of thousands of fans read each day. We're also read by many NBA players, agents, league and team employees, marketing people, college, high school and streetball players, entertainment people, and many others who know that they they read they're reading content from people who are true insiders, are up close and face-to-face with NBA and NCAA players every few days, and know exactly what we're talking about. has conducted hundreds of face-to-face interviews with the most famous players on Earth. is primarily a pro basketball site, with well-known, in-depth NBA coverage. We also have basic daily college hoops roundups and features, daily WNBA roundups, plus occasional coverage of the best high school and street basketball players, teams and events. Take a moment to hit and do seaches for: basketball news, nba basketball, nba news, high school basketball, wnba basketball, college basketball news, nba forum, nba message board, basketball forum, basketball message board, and other top searches. Notice that is the only site consistently appearing in the top few results.

We also have one of the best basketball message boards on the web. We have over 16,000 registered users, all using verified email addresses. Each day literally thousands of new messages get posted on our forum. And we just started it in June of 2006. Prior to that we used a forum hosted by another company. That was a huge success, but we wanted our own board with our own users, and in one year our board went straight to #1 on Google for searches of nba forum and nba message board.

The man who will run your advertising is editor Jeff Lenchiner, who Sports Illustrated called "a virtual one-man basketball team." Lenchiner has been interviewed on ESPN radio in multiple cities, industry-leading WFAn radio in New York, ABC radio across most of the country, BBC radio heard worldwide, as one of the main people on VH1's "Fabulous Life of Hoop Superstars," and referenced constantly, thousands of times, on the internet and in print.

Lenchiner is also a regular contributor to HOOP, the official magazine of the NBA. And he wrote the majority of All-Star player profiles for the NBA's official 2007 All-Star Weekend event program.

Jeff knows exactly how to run successful internet advertising campaigns. The web is taking over and Jeff has been at the forefront of online sports coverage since the 1990's.

See how simple our web design is? It's intentional. Our layout is basic for two reason: (1) It makes extremely easy to read and surf around. (2) Ad banners on our site really stand out and look great.

Any basketball advertising needs to include With us, you'll reach the cream of the crop.

Although we're a basketball website, and of course sports-related products/services will hit the hardest, we're open to all sorts of ad campaigns. And as for you, if you're looking to reach an intelligent, mostly male ages 16 to 35 sports fan readership, definitely advertise on You'll receive great value and enjoy a successful campaign.

Get in touch with Jeff at

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