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InsideHoops [AAU Basketball]

AAU Top 25 Basketball Teams Report





/ Aug 24, 2004

July is by far the busiest in the entire AAU season. There have been several major tournaments played and all of them have had a major impact on the latest AAU top 25 rankings including the AAU National Championships in Walt Disney World, Florida.

1. Georgia Stars (Atlanta, GA)

The still reigning #1 team has had some mixed results over the last few weeks but rebounded strongly later in the month to hold on to the top spot. They started off weak at the Nike Peach Jam in North Augusta, SC by not even making the playoffs. It was a very mediocre showing, which was a shocker to many of the teams participating. The main player for the Stars was Louis Williams who had the highest points in three of the five games. He averaged over 22 points a game during the contest. However, the Stars quickly got back to its winning ways and played hard in the AAU 17U Super Showcase in Walt Disney World, FL making it all the way to the semi-finals before losing to the NJ All Stars in a close contest. Finally, the Stars came back with a strong charge in the Nationals by defeating YOMCA and winning the title of the 2004 AAU National Champions. Once again, Williams put on an amazing show demonstrating how he just might be the best high school player in the nation. In Friday’s action, during two games he went an amazing 21 for 27 from the floor. In the title match-up, he finished with 33 points.

2. Spiece Indy Heat (Indianapolis, IN)

Heat had a fantastic showing in the Reebok Big Time in Las Vegas by beating Team Breakdown for the title. In the championship game, the projected 2006 #1 NBA draft pick Greg Oden dominated once again, just like he did at the Reebok ABCD camp. No one at the Big Time could stay with the big man. In the final game he scored 26 points, a game high.

3. YOMCA (Memphis, TN)

Had a nice run in the Nike Peach Jam making it to the quarterfinals before suffering an elimination loss to Houston Hoops. Top player for the Memphis squad was JP Prince averaging 15 points a game. They again made the quarters in the Super Showcase and then had their best performance at the Nationals losing to the Georgia Stars in the championship. Again, JP Prince and company stepped up and had a terrific performance and almost pulled out a second straight national title.

4. New Orleans Jazz (New Orleans, LA)

Had a sub par outing at the Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas, NV. Did not get overall team effort and fell short of making the quarters. Three players on the team however did show up to play and they were Lamar Falley, Tasmin Mitchell, and Terry Martin. All three were named to the all tournament team but were unfortunately not able to carry them far enough.

5. Illinois Warriors (Oak Forest, IL)

Started off the month of July very strong by taking home the Nike Peach Jam title defeating BABC. Julian Wright led the way averaging over 16 points a game and scoring 12 in the championship shooting 60% from the floor. However, in the Super Showcase they faltered, not even getting deep into the field. Wright did not have as strong of a performance and it cost them down the stretch.

6. Meanstreets (Chicago, IL)

Were quiet most of the month but then stepped up to the plate and showed great perseverance against many of the top squads during the Nationals and finished up in the semis before losing to YOMCA in a thriller one point difference. Brandon Dagans was their main man once again drilling it from downtown and carrying the team. Meanstreets is a solid squad, which will continue to threaten top caliber lineups.

7. Dallas Mustangs (Dallas, TX)

Played strong at the Big Time finishing up in the semis before losing to eventual champion Spiece Indy Heat. Byron Eaton, who had a stellar performance throughout, was named to the all tournament team. Eaton averaged in the high double digits for most of the weekend.

8. Houston Hoops (Houston, TX)

This team is usually very consistent with their play. They seem to hover around this position in the top 25. They started off the month at the Peach Jam making it to the semis. High scorer Nic Wise averaged over 14 points a game during Houston’s balanced offensive attack. Wise scored 12 in the semi-final loss to BABC. However, that was the only highlight of their month, as they did not fare too well in their next competition, the Main Event in Las Vegas, NV by falling short of post pool play.

9. Playaz Basketball Club (Paterson, NJ)

The Playaz have made a substantial move up the rankings by first winning the title in the Playaz Ball at Seton Hall University, NJ. They defeated the NY Ravens and defended their home turf. Gerald Henderson finished with 16 points, guiding the Playaz to a 10-point victory. After that accomplishment, they weren’t finished yet and astounded many in Las Vegas during the Adidas Super 64 making it all the way to the semis. The Playaz have shown clearly that they are more then just some little team out of NJ. They are a national force to be reckoned with.

10. New Heights (New York, NY)

New Heights also had a very strong July by first finishing in the final four at the Playaz Ball. They then finished with a solid showing at the Big Time making it to the quarterfinals against some very tough competition. The New Heights squad was another example of how well the NY teams did out west in some very strong territory.

11. DC Assault (Washington, DC)

Again started off great just like New Heights finishing in the semis at the Playaz Ball. However, then hit a snag during their July play by doing poorly in the Super 64. Jeff Green once again had a great time at the Playaz Ball but then him and his team ran out of gas later in the month.

12. SRAP (Syracuse, NY)

There is not much to say about SRAP. The only reason why they are still ranked in the top 25 is because they were ranked in the top 5 prior to this month’s action. They fell way short in both the Playaz Ball and the Super 64 getting outmatched in many categories. This team used to be a strong power not too long ago but needs to recruit some stronger players if they are to compete against the national powers in the future.

13. Friends of Hoop (Seattle, WA)

Had an impressive month by taking home a title. First, they made it to the quarters of the Peach Jam behind high scorer Jon Brockman, who averaged over 19 a game. Then they won the Main Event over Cecil-Kirk. Brockman stepped up again scoring 24 pts and snagging 13 reb in the dominating victory.

14. Bounce NYC (New York, NY)

Their only action was at the Big Time where they fell short of any post action. Their ranking falls down 4 spots but behind the strong inside play of Theo Davis, still a strong and solid team that just ran into some bad luck out west.

15. NY Gauchos (Bronx, NY)

At the beginning of the AAU season, they were supposed to be one of the top teams but ran into some injuries and other chemistry issues and were not able to make a huge impact, however did rebound this month. They made it to the final four at the Super Showcase and made it to the quarters at the Peach Jam but then finished weak at the Nationals getting knocked out early. Star player Antonio Pena led the way for the Gauchos. In the Peach Jam, he averaged over 15 points a game.

16. Pump ‘N Run (Chatsworth, CA)

Had a decent showing at the Super 64. Played very strong but couldn’t make it far enough against some of the tougher national teams. During my last rankings I said that this team was the best in CA. Well, despite lacking any explosiveness this month, they still are.

17. NJ All Stars

Was the biggest surprise this month coming out of nowhere and beating Martin Bros Select to take home the Super Showcase title. Can definitely start giving the Playaz some action in NJ.

18. Texas Blue Chips

Devon Mosley, their star PG, couldn’t get them out of the cellar as they were handled quite easily during the Big Time tourney. Mosley averaged in the double digits but the rest of the team dragged behind him.

19. EBO/EA Sports (Fresno, CA)

A huge west coast surprise stole the title at the Super 64. Tournament MVP Brook Lopez knocked in 14 points while dominating all aspects of the game. Both Travon Willis and Derrick Jaspers helped their teammate with a game-high 15-point effort in their teams 66-57 victory over the Atlanta Celtics.

20. Team Breakdown (Florida)

Edwin Rios made the all tournament team as Breakdown made it to the championship game before losing to Spiece Indy Heat. Rios had a strong game but his squad was outmatched by the quickness and height advantage of Heat. Oden was too much trouble in the middle.

21. Boo Williams (Hampton, VA)

Started off the month very well finishing in the final four of the Peach Jam. Vernon Macklin averaged over 14 a game to lead the team. Macklin continued to be the main player and helped Williams make the semis at the Nationals, another very impressive showing. The only disappointment was during the Showcase where they didn’t get far at all.

22. Rotary Select (Seattle, WA)

Had a weak display at the Super 64. Terrence Williams kept his average in double digits throughout but did not have a lot of support behind him.

23. Atlanta Celtics (Atlanta, GA)

Guards Senario Hillman, Javaris Crittenton, and Sharaud Curry combined for 30 points during a strong effort against EBO/EA Sports before suffering the loss. Made a huge comeback during the title game but could not stay with the CA squad.

24. Fairfield County Stars (Fairfield, CT)

Lost to Cecil-Kirk at the semis in the Main Event but has been very consistent most of the AAU season. Beat the New England Playaz twice and also had a substantial victory against DC Assault. Showed a lot of poise and determination during their play in Las Vegas.

25. Illinois Wolves (Downers Grove, IL)

The Wolves started off bad at the Big Time but quickly came back finishing in the quarters of the Nationals. Bobby Frasor, the North Carolina commit, led a strong offensive attack to prove they belong among the top teams in the nation.

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